New Journe Consulting

Charting Your Path to Comprehensive Business Solutions

We empower businesses with integrated, innovative solutions that pave the way to success.

Employers and Business Owners

Put your business in a better place. With our unique strategies we can improve your bottom line. From tax savings to healthcare savings, we have you covered.


Partner with us to provide solutions to your business owner and individual clients. We can help you increase the value you bring to the marketplace with solutions that truly make a difference.


No benefits at work? Deductibles too high? We have solutions that will save you money on healthcare costs. Even if you are a 1099 contractor, you can get access to high quality benefits too.

Our Mission

New Journe Consulting’s mission is to empower businesses with integrated, innovative solutions that pave the way to success. We are committed to guiding our clients on their unique paths, offering specialized services across health, enrollment, financial management, and insurance. Our focus is on forging lasting partnerships that illuminate the road to growth, efficiency, and enhanced employee welfare, embodying our dedication to charting a course for comprehensive business success.

What We Do In a Nut Shell

New Journe Health and Wellness

Offers customized healthcare plans focusing on preventive care and overall employee well-being.

New Journe Insurance Agency

Supports brokers and agents with comprehensive resources, training, and tools for growth in the insurance industry.

New Journe Enrollments

Specializes in streamlining the benefits enrollment process with a focus on workforce engagement and education.

New Journe Savings Based Solutions

Provides financial strategies like cost segregation studies and cash reserve management for tax efficiency and enhanced cash flow.

Individual Benefits With Big Group Treatment

Our individual/1099 offerings will help you protect what you work so hard to achieve. We give you access to plans that will lower your out of pocket expenses on your health plans. In addition you can access benefits only available to the biggest companies out there!

Life Insurance - Instant Decision

Get Life Insurance in as little as 10 minutes! Custom designs available as well.

Reduce your deductibles and out of pocket costs on your health plan.

Get Gold Plan Benefits at Bronze Prices and put more money back into your pocket.

Benefits for 1099's and Associations

Normally reserved for employees of large companies, get access to guaranteed issue products that could lower your medical expenses.

Financial Strength Behind the Products